About Us

When looking when it comes to fashion and the direction it is heading you may be able to find yourself being able to see where fashion is beginning to head. Imagine that you’ve always had an eye and passion for fashion because it’s how we can reinvent, express, stand out from the rest of the crowd. With the ideas of making an impact on the marketplace along with our strong desire to bring our creativity to life, Hunters & Hounds became a reality. Hunters and Hounds is the embodiment of wanting to fit in but also not wanting to fit in. To be unique and different from the crowd we surround ourselves with.


The vision behind our brand is to chase your dreams while holding one another accountable along the way. We aspire to not only sell our products but to give you what our creativity and reinvention of fashion will look like. With each product they are all unique and one of a kind. They come out with the best quality and a limited quantity to ensure your product is not just unique when you first wear it but also unique each time that you wear it. It will always be a rare piece that you add to your collection of clothing because we do not remake anything to ensure the clothes you purchase will always be rare. We believe that the ultimate display of passion is to create based on the desire to stand out while also being able to notice your creativity in the brand that you create. Join us on our path to stand out!